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September 04 2012


Warum Brainstorming nicht funktioniert

Ich glaub’ dran. Hat erst gestern wieder super funktioniert… =)

August 27 2012


Doggins: To code or not to code?


My day job is in films, and I have a computer science minor. While that makes me good with computers and something like a ‘tech whiz’, it doesn’t make me a programmer. C++ console apps I can handle (or at least I could in college); Objective-C graphic adventure games are another story.

But as…

August 22 2012


SoundCloud: Best developer key - EVER!

Some weeks ago, i made a post about and the developer they hid in the source code of their very own site.

This time i was investigating SoundCloud. It’s something like YouTube for music and they got this pretty neat comment feature, where you can…

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August 01 2012


July 26 2012


Observe your clipboard - like a BOSS!

Observing the users clipboard in C#… yeha, no big deal i thought in the first place. .NET comes with this nice Clipboardclass, that that has a bunch of usefull methods for reading and writing all kinds of clipboard data. But that’s it. No events to hook,…

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July 25 2012


May 08 2012

Play fullscreen

One hour session about advanced web debugging with Fiddler!

May 02 2012

7242 8332 390
Write, compile and run C# code in your browser!

Powered by Roslyn CTP, source code available here:

April 13 2012


March 28 2012


March 15 2012


Custom Dialog Boxes for MSVS Installer Projects

Quick and easy, using Custom Action’s.

March 13 2012


March 12 2012


February 17 2012


31 Days of Refactoring

Awesome eBook!

February 16 2012


February 15 2012


WCF Extensibility – Wrapping up

Carlos Figueira wraps up his huge series of posts looking at all aspects of WCF extensibility. I’ve featured a few of Carlos’ 40+ posts on this subject, and now that the series is finished it is a great time to read the whole lot as a single work.

February 14 2012


Every thought...

…Latex is a pain to use? Try the OO-Suite… #!?!”§mwaaa!”§!+*=

February 13 2012


Introduction to Reactive Extensions for .NET

Rx = Observables + LINQ + Schedulers
Aaaaaha… i still have no clue, what this Rx is really all about…
All i heard of was something like “Yeeehaa, everything is concurrent, but you have this new keywords, which allow you to write code, which looks sequential… but it isn’t!” - orly?
So i found THIS 8 parts video introduction on Rx!
Let’s solve this mystery… :) 

February 10 2012


Kickstarter goes crazy, funds Adventure-Game with over 1 Million Dollars

Seit gestern passiert etwas bemerkenswertes auf Kickstarter. Tim Schafer, Game-Designer solcher Legenden wie Monkey Island und Day of the Tentacle, wollte mal wieder ein Point-and-Click-Adventure machen. Da kein Publisher ein solches Game heutzutage veröffentlichen würde, hat er ‘ne Kickstarter-Kampagne ins Leben gerufen und dort nach der stolzen Summe von 400.000 Dollar gefragt, zusätzlich soll eine Doku über die Entstehung des Games gefilmt werden. Die News ging im Netz rum wie nix und die 400k waren innerhalb von 8 Stunden beisammen (!). Derzeit steht die Aktion bei rund 1,2 Millionen Dollar (!!) und das alles nichtmal innerhalb von 24 Stunden (!!!)

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